Staff Profiles

Dr Ian Barron - Founder & Director

“As a W.A board registered Vet, you could say I know the importance of our pet’s lives and life stages better than most. From that first puppy vaccination to helping to make the heartbreaking decision for euthanasia – I’ve been there to help through all life stages of beloved pets in Perth. As a vet, I have done my best to grow with the amazing increase in standards of our pets here in Australia. As a result, I questioned certain standards and felt that many fundamental areas of pet aftercare to be outdated and, therefore, need improvement. Over the last few years I have been working on how I could do my part to raise the standard of pet aftercare services for pet owners and the veterinary staff you rely on. Evermore Pet Cremation represents an accumulation of my experience in Veterinary Medicine, passion and care for animals and desire to better help fellow pet lovers.”

Joshua Raven - Founder & Director

Josh Raven is the director and co-owner of Evermore Pet Cremation. Growing up around farms, Josh has always had a love for animals great and small, and a particular love of unusual pets, owning tarantulas, snakes, and scorpions just to name a few. Josh’s background in is Primary Education and Business Studies. Over his teaching career Josh noticed the effect that losing a loved pet had on children and their families, often counselling students through this challenging time. During his childhood and adult life Josh has experienced the grief of losing beloved family pets and knows firsthand how difficult this time can be. Josh, his wife and his 3 daughters were volunteers for SAFE taking in young rescue puppies and caring for them until they found their forever home. It was the love and care that his daughters showed towards these puppies that led to the new additions to his family, Beanie, the Red Miniature Poodle and Maggie, a rescue cat from Cat Haven. Josh has given up his teaching career to pursue his passion for business and love of animals.

Ashley Barron - Operations & Client Support

Ashley Barron works as Evermore’s Head of Operations and Client Support. Mother of one, Ashley has always been naturally empathetic. This has led her to a successful career in Health Care and Client Services. Combining her passion for animals and client support, Ashley is proud to be a part of the Evermore family business. Growing up Ashley has many fond memories of her family’s beloved dogs and cats. Most Recently she has adopted a cat from Impound Feline Rescue, an organisation close to her heart. In addition to their new kitten,  Ashley and her daughter have 4 fish, a Mouse named Finn and a Tarantula named Charlotte. Ashley’s passion for rescuing animals will no doubt see her fur family grow even larger in the future. Bringing experience and compassion, Ashley is an integral part of the Evermore family.

Our Perth Premises

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