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evermore pet cremation director ian barron

Dr Ian Barron

Founder & Managing Director

“As a W.A board registered Vet, you could say I know the importance of our pet’s lives and life stages better than most. From that first puppy vaccination to helping to make the heartbreaking decision for euthanasia – I’ve been there to help through all life stages of beloved pets in Perth. As a vet, I have done my best to grow with the amazing increase in standards of our pets here in Australia. As a result, I questioned certain standards and felt that many fundamental areas of pet aftercare to be outdated and, therefore, need improvement. Over the last few years I have been working on how I could do my part to raise the standard of pet aftercare services for pet owners and the veterinary staff you rely on. Evermore Pet Cremation represents an accumulation of my experience in Veterinary Medicine, passion and care for animals and desire to better help fellow pet lovers.”



Joshua Raven


Josh Raven is one of the founding directors and co-owners of Evermore Pet Cremation. Growing up around farms, Josh has always had a love for animals great and small, and a particular love of unusual pets, owning tarantulas, snakes, and scorpions just to name a few. Josh’s background in is Primary Education and Business Studies. Over his teaching career Josh noticed the effect that losing a loved pet had on children and their families, often counselling students through this challenging time. During his childhood and adult life Josh has experienced the grief of losing beloved family pets and knows firsthand how difficult this time can be. Josh, his wife and his 3 daughters were volunteers for SAFE taking in young rescue puppies and caring for them until they found their forever home. It was the love and care that his daughters showed towards these puppies that led to the new additions to his family, Beanie, the Red Miniature Poodle and Maggie, a rescue cat from Cat Haven. Josh has given up his teaching career to pursue his passion for business and love of animals.

Matt B

Keepsake Artist & Cremation Supervisor

Professional Strengths: Matt is responsible for 95% of keepsake preparation at Evermore. Matt holds himself to a very high standard and takes the time and effort to ensure all keepsake requests are prepared to the best of his ability (and he is amazing!). Matt is also our longest standing team member!

Favourite Part of Job: “Showing my artistic skills and creative side to produce unique paw print impressions for our clients”.

Why work for Evermore: “I enjoy being a big part of the preservation of pet’s memories. I also enjoy working being able to work with family (Dr Ian)”.

Pet Parent to: “ZORRO” the 19 year old young ragdoll. He is most known for having just one eye and being “Most handsome”.

Hobbies: In Matt’s free time, it’s all about health and fitness! In between cooking and exercise, Matt is also keen gamer, reader and car enthusiast. 


Vet Clinic Liaison & Conveyance Expert

Professional Strengths: Brad is such an integral part of our team! His friendly, easy going personality blends in perfect with all staff. We constantly receive positive feedback from our clients about his patient, supportive and compassionate persona. He is always willing to help and is just an all round great guy.

Favourite Part of Job: “I real enjoy seeing the joy and happiness it brings to our clients when I return their beloved pet home”

Why work for Evermore: “I really enjoy listening to our clients’ stories about their fur babies – especially when they share photos or belonging of their favourite memories. I also enjoy helping clients through these difficult times by offering my support and genuine compassion for their loss”.

Pet Parent to: “RUSSELL” the black and white rescue kitty! Russell is our well known office cat who has recently been adopted by Brad and his wife – he loves his new home and is absolutely adored!

Hobbies: With Brad’s leisure time he enjoys gaming, exercise and an avid car enthusiast.

Evermore Pet Cremation Staff - Declan


Conveyance Manager

Professional Strengths: Declan is our champion support team member and typically the first point of contact with our clients. With his 6+ career as a vet nurse, his level of compassion and understanding with grieving pet owners ensures they are supported and treated with genuine care.

Favourite Part of Job: “I love meeting the diverse range of people and their stories and memories of their pets. It brings me a lot of joy knowing I am helping people during such difficult times. I also love the team and positive environment provided”.

Why work for Evermore: “After 6 years of vet nursing, I was feeling burnt out, so when the opportunity to work with Evermore arose – it just felt right. Not only do I have job satisfaction with Evermore, it has actually given me a new outlook and appreciation for my nursing work”.

Pet Parent to“LAYLA” – The domestic Short hair. “PAPYRUS” – The Domestic Medium hair. “PUDDING” – The domestic Short hair.  “DIDDY” – The Chihuahua cross. “DIXIE” – The Pink & Grey Galah. 

Hobbies: Declan enjoys an array of diverse hobbies that includes gaming, arts and crafts, baking and roller skating. He even spends some of his free time offering professional dog grooming! 

Christine - EPC Staff


Client Support Manager

Professional Strengths: Christine is a veterinary nurse who is bursting with empathy, compassion and warmth, which she shares openly with our clients and our team. She also offers these wonderful traits to pets in need through her voluntary role at an animal shelter on her days away from Evermore – something she has been passionate about being involved in for many years.

Favourite Part of Job: “I love helping people in deciding how they wish to honour their pet’s memory. Helping clients choose keepsakes and little treasures gives me such joy in knowing that I might have made a small difference in their grief of losing a beloved pet.

Why work for Evermore: “I wanted to work for a company that really cares about both people and their pets.  I have always been drawn to help others with their grief. Being a passionate animal lover, I can really empathise when pet parents lose a furry family member. Working for Evermore means I am able to offer support to people during a difficult time and also continue to work in the animal industry.”

Pet Parent to: A 9 yr old Staffy named Enzo. He is full of energy and life but hasn’t yet slowed down with age. He does take more naps, but he is my constant companion who is never far from my side. He doesn’t even mind when I come home from the shelter smelling like lots of different dogs. 

Hobbies: “My hobbies include baking, catching up with friends, shopping and of course, chilling at home with my dog.”

Evermore is different. We are led by our values.

Respect: We show genuine compassion to each of our unique pets and respect their dignity, their stories, and the people who love and care for them.
Compassion: We are aware of our clients’ needs and strive to pursue the very best outcome regardless of circumstance.
Innovation: We embrace forward thinking, fresh perspective, and creative solutions.
Integrity: We value integrity and our clients, business partners, and colleagues can be assured that the operation of our business and the creation of its processes are governed by our ethics and morality.
Collaboration: We are motivated by open collaboration with like minded businesses and organizations.
Equality: We believe in equality and as an essential service we strive to be flexible to improve the accessibility for our clients.
Thoughtful: We honour the natural passage of life. This is demonstrated through our conduct, our product selection and environmentally conscious practices.

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