Common Questions relating to recently deseased pets and animals

If you find yourself in the difficult position whereby your beloved pet has passed at home – we can help you. Please call us on (08) 6191 2288 and we can make an appointment for you to visit our premises in Jandakot (1 minute drive from Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre) and provide you with all the options for cremation. Alternatively, we also offer a dignified home collection service and we can return your pet’s ashes directly to your home where they belong.

It is an unfortunate reality that as pet owners, there is a very real possibility our beloved pet could die while at home. If this does occur, wrap your pet snuggly in a blanket and keep in a cool place. Ensure your friends and family are aware and given the opportunity to say their final farewell. Once you’re are ready, please contact us (08 61912288) as soon as possible so we can arrange a time for home collection. 

We can assist with cremation of any pet up to 100kg. So whether they are a beloved pet Lamb, Goat, Alpaca, or sheep we can help. Please call Evermore Pet Cremation on 08 6191 2288 for further information.

While home burial can be a wonderful way to keep your beloved pet close, please check with your local council as they may be some restrictions for home burial.

Firstly check with your local council as there may be laws regarding home burial of pets. 

We recommend a calico burial bag (available for purchase/collection at our premises). Its important to ensure you dig a deep hole (usually around 1 meter) and cover the burial grounds. Unfortunately some pets may want to dig in the area you have just excavated so sometimes it can be good to place some large stones or other object over the top to prevent this from occurring. 

Questions relating to Payment

Pet cremation costs vary based on a number of factors. This includes the size of your dog or cat, the area and day/time of home collection, and your choice of dog or cat memorial.

We require full payment before we can go ahead with our services. We will itemise all costs (including Cremation, Home collection and any Urns/ Memorials) so you know exactly what you will be paying for services requested.

We do accept AFTERPAY and VETPAY Services / Options.

Questions relating to Cremation

A pet’s body is placed in the cremation chamber where, through heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to its basic elements and referred to as cremated remains or “ashes”.

Alkaline hydrolysis (also called flameless cremation, aquamation or water cremation) is a process for the disposal of human and pet remains using lye and heat, and is an alternative to burial or cremation.

The cremation process itself can take from 30 minutes to several hours. The entire process of our pet cremation service.

Evermore Pet Cremation offer a standard package with various inclusions. We also offer a range of urns and even a home collection service if needed. 

Your pet’s ashes should resemble a memorial for you to treasure or honour. While many people keep their pet’s ashes in a urn close by, another way is to spread or bury them in a favourite place or location.